Tiger Trail Earth Action Projects

​Earth Action Projects by Environmental Science Classes

  Every year, the honor environmental science classes at Fairview High School each choose and carry out a project to benefit the environment. Many of these projects have been completed in the Fairview School District property and tiger trail. A few of these projects include, plaiting shade trees, installing garbage cans along the trail, removing invasive plants, and the creation of a rain garden. The shade trees can be found next to the southern high school parking lot along Oakwilde Drive. Shade trees are useful for reducing the amount of heat reflected off of paved areas such as the high school parking lot. Next, garbage cans were placed along the tiger trail to reduce the amount of litter on the trail in an attempt to keep the trail clean. These garbage cans prevent litter from building up on the trail and polluting the trail. Another project was removing invasive plant species from the outdoor classroom which will allow the native plants to grow without as much competition from the invasive species. By removing the invasive species near the outdoor, the population of the invasive species in this area is kept under control which prevents them from out-competing the native species for a while. Finally, a rain garden was built between the sidewalk and the field. Rain gardens are very useful for improving the water quality of nearby bodies of water up to 30% because the water is filtered through the soil where plants can use it rather than going straight into a storm drain into the body of water.   Shade Tree

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