Bus recording policy

New Policy on Bus Audio Recording

Please be aware of the following new policy for the 14-15 school year regarding audio recording on buses. The School buses and school vehicles may be equipped with cameras and audio-recording devices that may provide audiotape of individuals on the school bus or school vehicle for the purpose of discipline and security. Each school year, the Board shall notify students and their parents or guardians of the policy, by letter mailed to the students’ home addresses. The Board also shall post a notice that students may be audiotaped, which notice is clearly visible on each school bus or school vehicle that is furnished with audio-recording equipment.

Retirees 2

2014 District Retirees

Congratulations to the newest Fairview School District retirees! Thank you all for everything you have done to make Fairview a great place to learn! We will miss you!
Best of luck to Pat Lavery & Mary Jo Radock (FES), Dave Duberow & Don Patrick (FMS), Gerry Drabina, Linda Graziani, Pam Hurt, Gloria Morell, & Mary Nelson (FHS), and finally Robert Anderson, Franklin McGranor, Gaylord Magoon, Richard Peterson & Ronald Peterson from the bus garage.

Summa Cum Laude 2014

Class of 2014 Summa Cum Laude

Fairview High School's Class of 2014 had eleven students graduating Summa Cum Laude with a 4.6 Weighted G.P.A. or above. Congratulations to all!
Back row: (L to R) Charles Maynard, Michael Borowski, Joseph (Riley) Robertson, Corban Murphey, Justin Hullenbaugh, Hali Carner, Richard (Ricky) Anderson, & Kiera Doleski.  Front row: (L to R) Gretchen Pratt, Jaclyn O'Keane, & Katherine Kloecker

Upcoming District Events

  • Thursday July 24, 2014
    • (All Day Event) FES SUMMER OFFICE HOURS (6:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) (June 16th thru Aug. 14th)

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