FES - Autistic Support Community Inclusion Activities

Elementary Autistic Support teacher, Elizabeth Clark, was awarded a grant to take her students to local stores and restaurants to practice skills they are working on in the classroom. Clark says, "There are so many other opportunities in the community that can help our classroom become successful members of the community." They will be practicing transportation skills, communication skills, grocery shopping, making a grocery list, waiting in line, using appropriate behavior in restaurants and stores, choosing and communicating menu choices at a restaurant, following community signs, interacting with other students, and so much more! Parents were very excited to have their children be able to go on these outings and practice appropriate social and behavioral expectations in and around the community.

District - Therapy Dog Training

The District has been utilizing a therapy dog for several years. This service animal supports our students in many areas - whether autistic support, counseling, or mental wellness. A second dog is being trained to become a Therapy Dog for the District. The Foundation agreed to fund the training classes for a new dog. We can't wait to see the good things "Evie" will do for the students of Fairview.

Evie - Therapy Dog in Training