Creating Your Own Scholarship

Honor a Loved One with a Scholarship

There is no better way to honor a family member or loved one than to establish a scholarship. No one knows what the future will bring, but we do know the educational needs of our students are constant. There are two types of scholarships, endowed and named.

Named Scholarships

A named scholarship can be presented in any given year with a minimum gift of $500. The naming of the scholarship and the qualifying criteria are established by the donor. The entire gift is given in a single named scholarship and the donor may present the scholarship at the annual Senior Awards Ceremony. 

Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship will last as the principal is never expensed, because it remains invested to generate income for the scholarship. A minimum gift of $15,000 is required; however the amount may be paid over several years. The naming of the scholarship and the qualifying criteria are established by the donor. An endowed scholarship will be presented annually at the Senior Awards Ceremony.  All endowed Fairview School Foundation scholarships are managed by the Erie Community Foundation.

For additional information on establishing a named or endowed scholarship, please the contact the Foundation office at (814) 474-3535.