Current Endowed Scholarships

Jason Hunter Award - $500

This award is given in memory of Jason Hunter, FHS Class of 2015, to the football player who best exemplifies the qualities of a most valuable teammate: enthusiasm, positive attitude, and a strong work ethic. The winner is chosen by the Fairview Tigers football coaches.

The Schell Family Engineering Scholarship - $500

This scholarship was established to encourage students to pursue diverse and challenging career opportunities in engineering.

Coach Jim Bowen and Coach Andy Harayda Scholarship - $3,000

The contributions of these two dedicated coaches to the student-athletes of Fairview High School are honored by this scholarship.

Barbara F. Junker Memorial Scholarship - $500

Established in 2003, in memory of Mrs. Junker, the primary considerations for this scholarship are the applicant’s participation in a sport and contributions to the community.

Christopher Batchelor Tennis Scholarship - $1,800

The Christopher Batchelor Tennis Scholarship reminds others of one young man’s dedication to the team. This scholarship is presented to a graduating member of the boy’s tennis program who best exemplifies the spirit of a true team player.

Foundation's School Service Recognition Awards - 4 awards $1,250 each

The Board of Directors of the Fairview School Foundation annually presents four School Service Recognition Awards.

Jane Imhoff Grunden Scholarship - $500

This scholarship is in honor of a dedicated 1960 Fairview graduate who spent her life working for others in the area of social work.

Julie King Memorial Scholarship - $1,500

Julie King (’91) was a fine student, great athlete, and a strong leader. She is remembered for her generous smile, positive attitude, and wonderful sense of humor. Chosen by the high school faculty, this Scholarship is annually rewarded to a female graduating senior who demonstrates leadership, sportsmanship, and citizenship.

Mike George Award - $800

Through his accomplishments and service to his country, Mike George was a shining example to others. A memorial award in Mike’s honor is given to one senior who exemplifies excellence in athletics, academics, service, and leadership. This award is chosen by the high school faculty.

PATS Scholarship - $250

Each year the Fairview High School Parent, Administrator, Teacher and Student Association (PATS) awards a scholarship from its endowed scholarship fund.

June and Larry D. Kessler Education Scholarship - $500

This scholarship is named after one of Fairview School District's beloved Superintendents. This scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who is planning to pursue a college degree in education.

Jeff and Amy Brinling Family Scholarship - $500

Through this award, the Brinling Family wishes to recognize a graduating senior who exemplifies outstanding service and commitment to the Fairview School District.

David Orlin Lafferty, Sr. Scholarship - $500

This scholarship will be offered to a graduating senior who is either planning to enter the workforce in a vocation that would require specific supplies or tools, or who is planning to enter a skilled vocational training program applicable to the desired career. This student will demonstrate motivation, work ethic, a strong attendance record, and a minimum weighted GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. The financial needs of the student will be a consideration when awarding this scholarship. The qualified student(s) will be nominated by the Fairview High School Counseling Department and the selection of the recipient will be determined by the Fairview School Foundation.

Fairview Evergreen Nurseries Scholarship - $500

This $500 scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is planning to pursue Horticulture or a field related to horticulture. Students going into a variety of vocational fields will also be considered.

Current Named Scholarships

FSD Board of Education Scholarship - $500

This scholarship is presented by the members of the Fairview School Board. It is awarded to a graduating senior of FHS who demonstrates a strong work ethic and is in need of financial assistance for a college or trade school of his/her choice.

Murphey Family Scholarship - $1,000

Joe and Rosemary Murphey had been active members of the Fairview community for over 40 years. They supported Fairview Schools because of the great educations provided to their sons and grandsons. This $1,000 scholarship is awarding to a graduating senior with superior academic performance and a demonstrated desire and ability to succeed in college and beyond. The students' overall grade point average and performance in Advanced Placement courses will be considered.

Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. Scholarship - $1,000

This scholarship is given by the lawyers of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. to a graduating senior with superior academic performance, high moral character, and a record of community service who will attend St. Bonaventure University, the University of Pittsburgh, or Gannon University.

Michael McManus Scholarship - $300

Chosen by an independent board upon an extensive review of applications, this award is given to a senior who wishes to pursue a career in math or engineering. This recipient must also possess the same qualities Mike displayed: school spirit, academic excellence, and a willingness to help others.

The Wingerter Family Scholarship - $500

This scholarship is in honor of Daniel and Barbara Wingerter and will be awarded to a graduating senior pursuing a career in nursing. The student will be selected by two or more teachers that teach science subjects, such as biology, chemistry, or anatomy that would be taken by students pursuing a BSN, RN, LPN or Nurse's Aid program.

Avis McClintock Current Literature Award - $100

Started by two former students of Mrs. McClintock's, this award is given in honor of her love of reading and books. Mrs. McClintock served as a high school English teacher from 1955-1992. This award is chosen by the high school English department.

Superintendent’s Extraordinary Character Award - MacBook

This award is given to a student who demonstrates the characteristics of kindness, respect, and compassion and who makes Fairview High School a welcoming environment for all students.

Jack Taylor Community Service Award - $1,000

The family of Jack Taylor is presenting this award to a Fairview High School graduating senior who has willingly given their time to community activities and service.

Bartlett Family Scholarship - $1,000

The Bartlett family owns and operates Bartlett Signs, Inc., located here in Fairview. They value those individuals going into the trade field, as their business operation is geared to, and dependent on, the trades. Their scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who will be going into a trade school for welding, metal fabrication, electrical work, equipment operation, or graphic design. The guidance counselors will decide the winner of this scholarship.

Thomas-Siegler Family Scholarship - $1,600

This scholarship was created by the Thomas-Siegler family to recognize a member of the Fairview High School STEM Academy that consistently demonstrated the persistence necessary to complete their project and the willingness to collaborate with their fellow students to make the program a success. This award will be for a graduating senior who is pursuing a career in engineering. This award is chosen by a STEM educator.

Andrew and Katie Bean Swim Scholarship - $1,000

Brother and sister, Andrew and Katie Bean were members of the Fairview Swim Team, coached by J.R. Jensen and his staff. Andrew graduated in 2009 and Katie in 2011. The swim team provided them with lifelong friends and instilled personal discipline. Through hard work they learned that perseverance could be its own reward. The swim team taught them life lessons that helped them become dedicated and successful adults. This scholarship is chosen by the coaching staff and given to a student swimmer to help them reach for their own goals and dreams.

The Walker Family Scholarship - $500

The Walker Family Scholarship was established to honor a graduating senior pursuing a career in special education. Other areas of teaching will be considered.

David and Colin Chivers Memorial Scholarship - $500

The Chivers family has created this scholarship for a graduating senior who has decided to go into the construction trades, however, other trades may be considered. The applicant should demonstrate hard work, leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, and community mindedness.

Danny Best Memorial Scholarship - $500

The Best family along with his former classmates (Fairview Class of 1987), are offering this scholarship in memory of Danny. This award will be for a graduating senior who is pursuing a career that will be in the service of others. (Police, Fireman, Military, Medicine, Paramedic, etc.)

Eveline Warchol Health Sciences Scholarship - $1,000

Dr. Heather Hurst of Fairview Family Dental is honoring her grandmother by offering this scholarship to a graduating female senior who is pursuing a career in the health sciences field (Dentistry, physician, pharmacy, nursing, biologist, etc.) As a requirement the applicant must submit a 250 word essay on how they will use their degree to do good in the world.